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Reconstructive Surgery Houston

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Houston

Breast Reconstruction Houston

Restoring your breasts to form is known as breast reconstruction surgery. Having breasts that have been altered in size or shape due to operations such as a lumpectomy or mastectomy can be damaging to one’s self-confidence. Wearing certain clothes or even fitting properly into a brassiere are common issues that can quickly become a hindrance to one’s sense of style and comfort. 

Reconstrucvtive Breast Autologous Houston

Autologous breast reconstruction is a procedure which involves using excess tissue (known as a flap) from another region of your body, and using it to form a new breast mound. Most commonly, this tissue comes from your abdomen, but it can also from your inner thighs, buttocks or back.

Reconstructive Breast Implant Houston

Breast reconstruction with implants is another option that Dr. Washington is highly skilled in performing without long operative times.

Reconstructive Abdominal Hernia Houston

Simple functions, such as walking, sitting, or bending, can become a painful challenge when your abdominal wall is compromised. Whether it’s removing the hernia for the first time, or from repeated attempts over time due to a complex diagnosis, the surrounding tissue of your abdomen will weaken and stretch.

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Dr. George Washington

Part of Linville Plastic Surgery

Dr. George Washington prides himself on being a very attentive, detail-oriented, and personable plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology at Xavier Univerisity of Louisiana in New Orleans graduating with cum laude and distinguished honors in biology, chemistry, and mathematics.  He then attended Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C., where he obtained his Doctorate of Medicine.

He joined Linville Plastic Surgery in 2022 after serving as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellow at the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, TX.  He is certified by the American Board of Surgery and has conducted over 5,000 procedures throughout his career.

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Our Process


Phone Consultation

We first begin by answering all of your questions and explaining the process to you.  Our Patient Care Coordinators will be happy to assist you and identify your needs.


Office Visit

As you visit our practice, you’ll experience first-class world service for plastic surgery in Houston.  Conveniently located in the Houston Medical center, Dr. Washington will give you a consultation to determine your goals and needs.



Our Patient Care Coordinators will work with you in booking your procedure at one of our facilities and provide you with all the details you need for the day of.

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