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Transgender Breast Augmentation Houston

Transgender Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you on your journey to affirm your gender identity? One of the most identifying features of femininity is the breasts. Dr. Washington is an expert in performing breast augmentation for gender affirmation; this fills a void that’s missing, helping you feel secure and complete.

What is Transgender Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammaplasty, is sometimes referred to as a “breast aug” or “boob job” by patients. This involves insertion of implants that improve breast volume, shape, and contour to affirm who you are.

What is the goal of Transgender Breast Augmentation?

Not only will breast augmentation increase breast volume, it is one step closer to making you feel whole and complete. Dr. Washington’s goal for you is to help give you a natural, proportionate, and feminine appearance that will have you feeling a commanding sense of confidence in who you are.

Dr. Washington’s goal for you is to help give you a natural appearance that will give you a commanding sense of confidence.


Is Transgender Breast Augmentation right for you?

Each patient’s story and aesthetic goal is different. During your consultation, Dr. Washington will carefully listen to your concerns and perform a thorough examination. If you are a candidate for breast augmentation surgery, he will work with you to customize a plan that aligns with your vision. Measurements of your chest will be taken. If you smoke, you will need to quit before and after surgery to optimize healing potential and minimize post-op complications.

You will have the opportunity to try on breast implant sizers in front of a mirror and feel the different types of implant consistencies we offer. Once the implant has been decided, our team will get you one step closer to affirming your identity and the refined you that you have been waiting for!

What should you expect after Transgender Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After surgery, you will be placed in either a supportive garment or wrapped with bandages to maintain the position of the breasts. Your sutures will dissolve and not require removal. Your incisions will be covered with special adhesive tape. Typically patients return to work 1 week post-op and can resume normal activities and exercise after 4-6 weeks.

Why choose Transgender Breast Augmentation Surgery with Dr. Washington?

Dr. Washington specializes and focuses his career on gender affirmation surgeries. He trained under a nationally known gender affirming surgeon and at one of the few institutions in the country where gender affirmation surgery is part of the curriculum; he has acquired unique skills in perfecting transgender anatomy. He has a passion to make all of his patients feel complete, and align his patients’ external appearance with their internal beauty – to be true and be you. Dr. Washington uses the most up to date, state of the art technology and techniques to ensure the best results for his patients. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Washington for a personalized evaluation and discussion of what option is right for you!


My Perspective, Professed

“The most important and fulfilling aspect to me, is seeing the joy in my patients eyes after surgery; the spark in them signifying the moment when they realize their refined beauty reflects their spirit and inner beauty.”

This is your story, Refined

– Dr. George Washington
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