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Rhinoplasty Surgery Houston

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Changing the shape of your nose for aesthetic purposes or to improve your quality of life is possible. Feeling discouraged about your appearance due a common problem area like the nose is no longer a life sentence issue and can be handled with great detail and care by Dr. Washington.

What is the goal of rhinoplasty?

It can repair deformities stemmed from birth, fix visible signs of injury and overall give you an improved sense of confidence regarding your appearance.

Dr. Washington’s goal for you is to help give you a natural and proportionate appearance that will give you a commanding sense of confidence.


Is rhinoplasty right for you?

A consultation with Dr. Washington will provide you with all information regarding steps taken before surgery and after. He will assess any health risks based on your medical history and recommend the best course of action if you are a candidate for this procedure.

About rhinoplasty procedure

Rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that alters the appearance of your nose. It can also improve your breathing, if this has been an issue for you. Anesthesia will be provided for the surgery, either local or general, and incisions will be made, through which he will adjust and alter the bone and cartilage under the skin to your desired result.


What should I expect after rhinoplasty?

Bandages post-surgery must be worn for a week or longer, depending on his opinion of the matter, and you must avoid things such as blowing your nose, wearing glasses (unless you use cheek rests or tape to hold the glasses in a safe position), and making any extreme facial expressions. Because the nose is constantly changing with time, it is difficult to know when you will see your final results but typically this happens within a year’s time.

Why choose rhinoplasty with Dr. Washington?

Rhinoplasty surgery performed by Dr. Washington is unique to each patient. Dr. Washington uses the most up to date, state of the art technology and techniques to ensure the best results for his patients. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Washington for a personalized evaluation and discussion of what option is right for you! What’s most important to Dr. Washington is the smile and happiness seen in the eyes of his patients after surgery; it’s the moment when the refined you matches your internal beauty and spirit – this is your story, refined by Dr. Washington.


My Perspective, Professed

“What’s most important and fulfilling to Dr. Washington is the joy in the eyes of his patients after surgery; their spark signifying the moment when the refined you reflects your spirit and inner beauty.”

This is your story, Refined

– Dr. George Washington
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