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Facial Plastic Surgery Houston

Facial Plastic Surgery Houston Services

Chin Augmentation Houston

Chin augmentation uses an implant that is custom-made and fitted for you to improve your jawline structure. This implant is placed over your existing chin bone and can help you create a better balance among your facial features. Whether you have a weak chin or if its recessed, chin augmentation surgery is the solution to these concerns. 

Eyebrow Lift Houston

An eyebrow lift can not only refine your appearance, but also give you a boost of self-confidence, and this procedure can be done in conjunction with other facial surgeries, such as a facelift or eye lid repair.  

Eyelid Surgery Houston

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a procedure that removes the excess skin from your eyelids that has stretched and weakened with age. Some risks involved with eyelid surgery include bleeding or infection, some difficulty closing your eyes, dryness, and scarring. These risks and effects can be assessed and handled with follow-up surgery. 


Facelift Houston

In the hands of Dr. Washington, you can reverse or get a jump on the frustrating effects of both gravity and time, restoring the vibrant appearance of your younger years. Whether your concerns are minor or great, there is a technique of facelift that’s right for you. For mild cases of sagginess or wrinkles, a mini-lift is a less invasive procedure than a traditional facelift.

Neck Lift Houston

A neck lift is accomplished through one or many procedures meant to enhance the appearance of your neck. Excess skin is handled by trimming, lifting, and then holding it in place with stitches or tissue glue. A compression bandage will be supplied that must be worn for a week or longer, depending on Dr. Washington’s recommendation.

Nose Job Houston

Rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that alters the appearance of your nose. It can also improve your breathing, if this has been an issue for you. Anesthesia will be provided for the surgery, either local or general, and incisions will be made, through which he will adjust and alter the bone and cartilage under the skin to your desired result.

Septoplasty Houston

Septoplasty is a procedure in which a crooked (deviated) septum is repaired to allow proper breathing and remedy relating ailments such as mouth breathing. After making an incision along the side of the nose, Dr. Washington will remove the mucosa, which protects and surrounds your septum. Then, he will carefully reshape the bone and cartilage there, sometimes removing pieces to reposition them.

Jawline Surgery Houston

Jawline surgery performed by Dr. Washington is unique to each patient. Dr. Washington uses the most up to date, state of the art technology and techniques to ensure the best results for his patients. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Washington for a personalized evaluation and discussion of what option is right for you!  

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Dr. George Washington

Affiliate of Linville Plastic Surgery

Dr. George Washington prides himself on being a very attentive, detail-oriented, and personable plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology at Xavier Univerisity of Louisiana in New Orleans graduating with cum laude and distinguished honors in biology, chemistry, and mathematics.  He then attended Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C., where he obtained his Doctorate of Medicine.

He joined Linville Plastic Surgery in 2022 after serving as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellow at the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, TX.  He is certified by the American Board of Surgery and has conducted over 5,000 procedures throughout his career.

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Our Process


Phone Consultation

We first begin by answering all of your questions and explaining the process to you.  Our Patient Care Coordinators will be happy to assist you and identify your needs.


Office Visit

As you visit our practice, you’ll experience first-class world service for plastic surgery in Houston.  Conveniently located in the Houston Medical center, Dr. Washington will give you a consultation to determine your goals and needs.



Our Patient Care Coordinators will work with you in booking your procedure at one of our facilities and provide you with all the details you need for the day of.

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