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Nipple/Areolar Surgery Houston

Nipple/Areolar Surgery

Do you desire to alter the shape/size of your nipple or areola, or to restore the two after breast reconstruction surgery? With age and development, our nipple-areolar complex may change in size/shape that is disproportionate to the breast. Following breast reconstruction, nipple/areolar reconstruction is the last stage to restore the natural form of the breast. Dr. Washington specializes in several nipple/areolar surgery techniques to improve the size and shape of your nipple or reconstruct them.

What are the risks associated with nipple/areolar surgery?

Risks include a loss of sensation, scarring, and an inability to breastfeed.

Dr. Washington’s goal for you is to help give you a natural, proportionate, and youthful appearance that will give you a commanding sense of confidence.


Is nipple/areolar surgery right for you?

Most commonly, this procedure is performed on women who have lost their nipples and areolas to breast cancer surgeries, such as a mastectomy or lumpectomy. After your breast reconstruction, nipple/areolar surgery will have your breasts matching closely to the look of your native breasts. This surgery can also be a cosmetic treatment, used to make your overall breast appearance more aesthetically pleasing, altering the size and shape of the nipple and/or areola.

About nipple/areolar surgery

Nipple/areolar surgery is done for those who desire reduction in size or alteration of shape; this procedure can also be used for the final stage of breast reconstruction surgery to give your reconstructed breast the look of the original. Using tissue from the recreated breast or from skin elsewhere on the body, nipple and areola reconstruction is typically done several months after breast reconstruction surgery to allow time for healing.

Are there alternatives to Nipple/Areolar surgery? Yes. In the setting of nipple/areolar reconstruction, there are less complex options including a tattoo that can very closely resemble the real thing with careful pigmentation for a more three-dimensional appearance, or even prosthetics, which can be removed and replaced at will.

What should I expect after nipple/areolar surgery?

A special cover is used to protect the nipple after surgery; external pressure or compression of the nipple can damage the reconstruction. This shall be worn for several weeks until completely healed to maximize healing potential and projection of the nipple. Recovery time is very minimal, most patients report returning to work within a few days.

Why choose nipple/areolar surgery with Dr. Washington?

Dr. Washington is an expert in nipple/areolar surgery, especially after breast reconstruction. He uses special techniques that give his patients the best result possible. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Washington for a personalized evaluation and discussion of what option is right for you!


My Perspective, Professed

“The most important and fulfilling aspect to me, is seeing the joy in my patients eyes after surgery; the spark in them signifying the moment when they realize their refined beauty reflects their spirit and inner beauty.”

This is your story, Refined

– Dr. George Washington
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