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Body Contouring Houston

Body Contouring Plastic Surgery

Are you tired of wearing compression garments to improve your body’s silhouette or have problem areas affecting your daily life? Hiding the excess skin and fat that hangs or protrudes from your body can be a huge problem for many people. This may affect your shape, as well as keep you from being able to perform all of those important tasks in life such as going on vacation with friends & family because you’re self-conscious about how they see your body. Oftentimes compression garments are worn to hide the obvious so that we look better in our clothes or give us the ability to exercise and perform our day to day activities. Dr. Washington specializes specifically in these areas to improve body contour, giving you a more youthful appearance and the ability to move freely.

What is body contouring surgery?

Body Contouring Surgery is a global term that is used to describe the improvement of the appearance and function of your body. It can be performed on any area, but it’s most commonly done in the abdomen, thighs, arms, or buttocks regions for these surgeries affect different parts of our human form with flaws that we do not want to be seen by others.

What are the types of body contouring surgery?

There are many different types of body contouring surgery depending upon what look or goal one might seek out, each with its own unique benefits. The most common types of procedures include:

Liposuction: Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that can be used to remove excess fat from any part of the body. It’s often utilized for improving how you look on your abdomen, thighs and arms among other areas!

Tummy Tuck: Tummy tucks are a surgical procedure that can be used to improve the appearance of your abdomen. They involve removing excess skin and fat, as well as tightening loose abdominal muscles so it looks flatter than before!

Arm Lift: The procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arms is called an arm lift. The tightening of loose skin can make your arms look more youthful, which could be what you’re looking for!

Buttock Lift: The buttock lift is a surgical procedure that can be used to improve the appearance of your “behind”. It involves removing excess skin and fat from it, while lifting up underlying muscles with a tighter looking globe in mind!

Belt Lipectomy: This procedure is a combination of a buttock lift and tummy tuck to improve your body contour circumferentially at the waist.

Thigh Lift: The thighs are the most popular body part for cosmetic surgery, and this is because they’re often flawlessly shaped without any excess skin or fat. A thigh lift can be used to remove these issues to improve the appearance of your thighs. It involves removal and tightening loose skin on these areas, giving you sexier legs!

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): This procedure can tackle two areas at once: the abdomen and buttock. If you have abdominal fat and want to enhance or improve your buttock contour, we can do this by filling with lipofat that we suctioned from the abdomen or other areas of the body.

BodyTite: BodyTite is a minimally invasive technique that uses radiofrequency technology to contour your body without the need to undergo major surgery. This can also be combined with some of the above techniques to maximize your results.

What is the goal of body contouring surgery?

Our goal is to not only improve your quality of life, but to have you looking and feeling young again with a body that’s contoured to you – without the “extra.”

Dr. Washington’s goal for you is to help give you a natural, proportionate, and youthful appearance that will give you a commanding sense of confidence.


Can I get Body Contouring procedure(s) after weight loss surgery?

Yes. Body contouring procedures after weight loss surgery is very common. It is considered the final step to your weight loss journey.

Is body contouring surgery right for you?

Each patient’s story is different and every plan is unique to each patient. During your consultation, Dr. Washington will carefully listen to your concerns and perform a thorough examination. You are usually a candidate if you have excess skin and fat in the areas of concern not improved with diet and exercise. Your health and nutrition status must be optimized and appropriate for surgery. If you are a candidate for body contouring surgery, he will discuss and customize a plan that aligns with your vision and is unique to you.

How long should you wait after weight loss surgery to consider Body Contouring procedure(s)?

Generally after weight loss surgery, you should wait until your goal weight has been achieved and at least a BMI less than 35. Once you have reached that goal, you must maintain a stable weight for at least six months before you can be considered for surgery.

What type of relief should you expect after body contouring surgery?

body contouring houston

Excessive amount of skin overhang can result from significant weight loss. This can keep those crevices moist leading to debilitating skin rashes unrelieved with medical therapy. Body contouring procedures such as panniculectomy and breast reduction/mastopexy that remove the extra skin and fat will dramatically improve your symptoms. It will also relieve back and neck pain. The beauty of it all is that you will be able to find clothing that fits you appropriately and without the need for any compression garments.


What should I expect after body contouring surgery?

After most body contouring procedures, it is expected that you wear compression garments for at least 3 months while your body is healing. You can resume daily activities 1 week after surgery and exercise 4-6 weeks post-op.

Why choose body contouring surgery with Dr. Washington?

Body contouring surgery performed by Dr. Washington is tailored to each patient. When determining which body contouring procedure is right for you, Dr. Washington focuses on the body as a whole and not just one area. This allows for optimal results and satisfaction. His fellowship training has prepared him for the simplest body contouring procedures to the most complex cases from weight loss surgery. He understands the unique distribution of skin and fat in patients who have lost significant weight and is highly skilled and experienced to handle these cases. He uses the most up to date and state of the art technology and technique to ensure the best results for his patients. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Washington for a personalized evaluation and discussion of what option is right for you!


My Perspective, Professed

“The most important and fulfilling aspect to me, is seeing the joy in my patients eyes after surgery; the spark in them signifying the moment when they realize their refined beauty reflects their spirit and inner beauty.”

This is your story, Refined

– Dr. George Washington
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